About Tony Hernandez

Tony was born and raised in Saint Paul in a large Irish-Mexican American family. He is the eldest of seven brothers and sisters and sixty-four first cousins. His grandfather grew up in a migrant working family from Mexico. Tony is very proud of his immigrant roots. Tony’s parents grew up and met in Saint Paul. Tony’s mother Midge is a Highland Park High-School Hall of Fame athlete and his father Tim is a physician in West Saint Paul and high school football coach.

Tony’s Background

Tony has always been a hard worker and has never shied away from a challenge. Growing up, Tony shoveled sidewalks, was a caddy at Town and Country, and worked as a janitor at his high-school. In college, Tony painted houses, served meals at a sorority, and worked at U.P.S. After college, Tony was a teacher overseas in South Korea and he spent the majority of his career in finance working for a large bank in the U.S.

Giving Back to the Community

As a youth basketball coach at Saint Mark’s in Saint Paul. Tony has coached the same group of boys for the last three years. In 2011, their team won the 7th grade boys Saint Paul Catholic Athletic Association Championship.

A Second Chance

In the middle of Tony’s successful financial career, he was hit with a rock that a man threw off a freeway overpass as Tony was driving under it at 70mph. After this life-altering event, which caused massive internal damage and an ensuing long-term recovery for Tony, he realized his vision for life changed.

In May 2009, Tony met Leona, a compassionate liberty-loving Registered Nurse. Leona, born and raised in St. Paul, graduated from the University of Minnesota and is the daughter of Robert, a city inspector and a union sheet metal worker, and Margaret, a music therapist and a medical transcriptionist.

In May 2011, Tony and Leona were married and they make St. Paul their home. Tony works hard to support and represent our community and to restore the American Dream through his run for the United States House of Representatives.