My name is Tony Hernandez and I want to earn your vote!

I’d be honored to represent you, the people, and
families of Minnesota’s 4th Congressional District
in the U.S. House of Representatives.

It’s time to end the partisan gridlock in Washington
D.C.   In Congress, I will work together with Democrats
and Republicans on policies that will fix the economy,
create jobs right here in Minnesota, and honor our
commitments to our seniors, veterans, and students.
I will also fight to protect your rights and ensure
fairness and equality for all and future generations.

Thank you for visiting my page and please remember
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Balance Our Budget

The surest way to balance the national budget is for the Federal government to stop borrowing money.

In order to reduce the deficit, raise revenues and balance the budget, Congress must eliminate redundant spending, reduce taxes, cut regulatory red tape for small businesses and apply market-based reforms to healthcare.

In Congress, I will vote against raising the debt ceiling and vote to put our fiscal house in order.

Jobs and Economy

Job Growth- Jobs and economic prosperity come from small business growth and entrepreneurial activity. In Congress, I will work for a fair business environment and tax structure that encourages job growth, innovation, and productivity.

Lower Gas Prices- Gas prices are high because of deficit spending, debt and inflation coming from Washington DC. In Congress, I will work to reduce wasteful spending, cap the national debt, and balance the budget.

Higher Real Estate Values- Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac are contributing to the real estate depression and they must be dissolved. In Congress, I will work to cut regulatory red tape and increase local demand for real estate and thereby appreciating home values so that more families can realize the American dream of home ownership.

Welfare Reform

I believe the best social program is a job. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “Wanting to work is so rare a merit, that it should be encouraged.”
In America we have lost sight of the fact that welfare was intended to be a temporary assistance program, not a permanent way of life. The American welfare system is in need of drastic reform.

It is true that we need a safety net for our most vulnerable citizens, but we also need policies that encourage people to work, be proud, and independent.

As your Congressman, I will strive to achieve welfare reform, which will result in lifting people and families out of the poverty cycle while still assisting them as they move towards financial independence.